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KATE KIRKPATRICK: WORLD'S (WORST) BEST BABYSITTER is a middle grade humorous adventure that will appeal to fans of Jen Malone’s THE SLEEPOVER.


All twelve-year-old Kate Kirkpatrick wants in life is to be a babysitter. It is the fourth step in her twenty-one step life plan to become a famous nanny to the stars. Unfortunately, her mom’s hard-and-fast rule of no babysitting until she is thirteen is holding her back. So when her older sister falls ill and begs Kate to cover for her, Kate sees the perfect opportunity to prove to Mom she is ready to babysit.


Armed with Miss Pattypants’s Guide to Really, Really Good Babysitting, Kate is prepared to make it a perfect by-the-book evening. But a frantic call for help from her best friend sends her on a rescue mission across town with identical twins Noodle and Hank and their bulldog Felton. When a broken down bus leads to a slow-speed paddle swan chase, a lost dog, and a city full of ZombieCon attendees out to get them, Kate throws all rules out the window. She must get everyone home safe before Noodle and Hank’s parents return, or risk being banned from babysitting forever.