escape from the lost souls express 

12-year-old Beckett Benjamin Moss has a dead dad, a guilty conscience, and a wish—to see his father one more time so he can apologize to him face-to-face. And since Dad promised to never leave him, Beckett is positive his spirit must be close by. Armed with his bathroom mirror, candles, and a package of beef jerky, Beckett and new classmate Lucy set out to summon his father. But before the summoning is complete, a stranger steals his mirror, along with the spirit who appeared inside. Certain the stranger has his dad, Beckett and Lucy chase the boy onto a mysterious train that appears in the middle of the forest.


Now they are the only living passengers on a train that transports wandering spirits to the End of the Line. Only, the End of the Line isn’t a place for the living, and Beckett and Lucy aren’t dead–yet. Trapped on the otherworldly train that doesn’t allow passengers off before its final destination, Beckett and Lucy face blood-thirsty haunts and a Conductor who would kill to catch a couple of stowaways. With the help of a friendly Haunt Hunter and a phantom cat named Mr. Fluffernutter, Beckett and Lucy must find Beckett’s dad and a way off the train before it’s too late.