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Today my kids went back to school and I officially started my year. Today I:

Wrote an article for the local lifestyle website

Revised the outline for my latest WIP

Compiled content for the SCBWI North Texas newsletter

Emailed a speaker about an engagement at my kid's school

Went to the library to get new middle grade books

Unboxed my microphone and began brainstorming podcast ideas

Began outlining my pitch for a conference

I wear a lot of hats. Most of them I do for free. When people ask, I say I'm a Stay-at-Home Mom. But honestly, I hate that term. "SAHM" fits me all wrong, like an itchy sweater with shoulder pads and too-long arms.

I don't just STAY AT HOME. I volunteer, I freelance, and I am constantly working and hustling to make my publishing dream a reality. I attend seminars and continuing education and workshops, without any guarantee of a pay-off because I believe if you want something you have to invest in it. But when I meet someone new, do I explain any of that?

No. I shake their hands. I smile. I announce that I just stay at home. If I'm with someone who knows me, sometimes they'll say, "Oh, she's a writer!" When that happens I blush, look down. Usually mumble something along the lines of, "Well, I'm trying to be."

In 2018, I'm done wearing this ill-fitting sweater that labels me as someone who just "stays home." My resolution is to embrace my dreams, even before they are reality. This year, I'm a writer. I'm a reader. A book enthusiast. A volunteer.

This year I'm everything I dream I can be. That's my resolution for 2018.

What's yours?

** Note: One person's ill-fitting sweater is another person's perfect cozy top. There is nothing wrong with being a stay at home Mom, and I applaud everyone who does it happily. xoxo-Liz

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