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Hi! I'm Liz. I write middle grade. Sometimes dark and scary, sometimes goofy, always fun.I have two kiddos who keep me on my toes, and am a freelance writer/professional (not really) volunteer. The best places to find me are Twitter or Instagram where I am happily procrastinating. I'm known for my obscenely loud laugh, and people are usually surprised to find out I'm an introvert.

I'm a member of SCBWI and HWA (Horror Writer's Association), I was a PitchWars mentee in 2016, and I'm a member of a local critique group I adore called Dots & Dashes.

I've written 2 full manuscripts, my first novel/PW book, a spooky adventure called GHOST TRAIN and a silly romp about babysitting mishaps called KATE KIRKPATRICK: WORLD'S WORST BABYSITTER. My current WIP is WITCH TOUCHED, about 12-year-old Elza who must leave her walled village, Oren, for the first time to find the witch who cursed her or she’ll become the monster she fears most.

My favorite filler word is "just" and my favorite character tick is doing something with their eyes (widen, blink, stare, etc.) My favorite trope is the ticking clock. My least favorite thing about writing is picking a title (babystting book, ghost book, and witchy WIP apparently are *not* good enough titles). I used to work in public relations so struggle with the Oxford comma (not generally used in AP Style).

I'm a great cheerleader, write decent queries, and am queen of the virtual hug. My personal brand of humor is self-deprecating and full of gifs. I don't have a favorite book but am drawn to most anything in the fantasy genre. I love David Sedaris. I hate cancer. If you need a hair tie, there is always one around my wrist. I'm a Ravenpuff (or Huffleclaw). I have telephonophobia and a wee bit of anxiety. I love a good cry. And I'm a really well-adjusted only child.

My husband travels for work a lot, and I have a dog named Mollie that I talk to regularly. I live in Texas, love pizza and Tex-Mex, and don't understand why my phone continues to auto-correct my texts about queso to quest. Like a 37 year-old woman in Texas goes on a lot of long or arduous searches for something instead of just asking her husband to make some cheese dip.

Although, I really would love to be sent on a quest.

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