• Liz Edelbrock

Group Project

Happy Monday fellow book enthusiasts! Today I'm doing the very un-creative work around authoring. Updating websites, creating content calendars, staring longingly at my TBR pile.

A recent project I've become involved in is Kidlit Chapter Chat. It's a group of middle grade authors who wanted a way to share some of our favorite stories with teachers and librarians and young readers. It's been so much fun, and reminds me of my old professional days. Writing can be such a solitary practice, having a "group project" with people I like and admire is a huge joy.

If you aren't following us over on Instagram yet, check out @KidlitChapterChat. We take turns reading first chapters of new books, geek out about fun stories, and celebrate book birthdays. We're a happy, inclusive group, and I'd love to see you there!

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